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Donations to the Parishes:  Sacred Heart & Saint Alban and Saint Joseph.

During this period of church closures our parishes have not been receiving much income even though we still have many on-going running costs.  We are grateful that we have several people who donate by Standing Order which is a great help.  Many of you may be putting the money away each week using the parish envelopes, (or in some other way) ready to be brought to the church when this will be possible in the not-too-distant future.  

If you wish to use the Bank Standing Order system, please ask us for a mandate which we can forward to you – either by post or email.

The archdiocese has now set up a system which you may find useful and helpful.

They are both straight forward.  The information is set out below for the two alternative ways of donating.

Online giving website

Each parish has its own unique link on the website and a photograph of your church is shown to provide additional reassurance to donors that they are donating to their parish. All donations will go to the parish selected by the donor. The link to the page for your parish (also known as a URL) is given below.

For Sacred Heart & Saint Alban:

For Saint Joseph’s

If you would like any support in this please contact the parish with your name and telephone number and the archdiocese will endeavour to call you with assistance as quickly as possible.


An alternative way of donating is to use a TEXT.  This is the way people often give to charity appeals e.g. on TV.    Text giving is now available for each parish The following guides and details are from the archdiocese and are ready to use for accepting both one-off and regular donations.   

 Four text giving campaigns have been created for each parish. The details of each campaign are given below. This wording below is to be used to ensure compliance with fundraising regulations.

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