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Message from Canon Christopher re: hospital

Given that our hospital is more or less in lockdown, people are allowed to visit sick patients only in exceptional circumstances.


That means they cannot ask ward staff to contact the chaplains on behalf of their sick relative or friend. I would suggest that, if you know of anyone in hospital who would appreciate a visit from a member of one of the chaplaincy teams, they can contact me directly. Chaplains are not always able to visit wards dedicated to COVID-19 patients, but exceptions are sometimes made in end-of-life situations.

I am at present under obedience (from the archbishop) to keep away from the hospital as I am well over 70 years of age. After almost 28 years working at the hospital, I miss my daily visits and even the “call-outs”.   I am grateful to Fr David Heywood and Fr John Schofield who are covering calls at present and I will pass on details to them if necessary.

We fly to your patronage O Holy Mother of God.

Despise not our petitions in our necessities, but ever deliver us from all dangers

O Glorious and blessed Virgin

The Catholic Bishops of England & Wales recognise that this time of the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every person in our countries. Those who are sick, and their families, are suffering many hardships of isolation from contact with those they love.

Our front-line workers in hospitals and in care homes all over our lands are giving exceptional service to those who are vulnerable at this time.

In order to show our spiritual solidarity with all those who are involved in this way, a Catholic Bishop will celebrate a live-streamed Mass in his Cathedral every Thursday at 7.00pm.

2 July : Archbishop John Wilson
St George’s Cathedral, Southwark     YouTube Channel

9 July : Bishop Tom Williams
Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool

YouTube Channel