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We have a joint parish newsletter that covers Saint Joseph’s Penketh as well as
our own parish of Sacred Heart and Saint Alban.  

If you would like to include anything in the newsletter then please send it to Saint Alban’s Priory by Thursday evening.  You can e-mail it via the parish e-mail address.

You can view our latest newsletter by clicking on the image.

 Thank you.     
Supporting your Parish

Without people’s generous support our churches could not function as they do.  The cost of running our church buildings increases each year and as such monetary help is essential to our mission.  But also without dedicated volunteers our work would not be possible.  

If you wish to contribute to the running of the parish with all its pastoral commitments as well
as upkeep then there are a number of ways.

Firstly, willing and able volunteers are always needed for the various activities in the Parish.  
If you wish to volunteer then please contact the parish via the Parish Priest, the relevant group
or by e-mail.

Secondly,  if you wish to pay by standing order ask the priest at the end of Mass in one of our churches or e-mail us for a standing order form.  Then return this to the Priory.

Thirdly, If you wish you can opt to use our envelope scheme in which case ask the priest after Mass or e-mail us with your details.

Whatever you choose and if you pay tax you can help the Church even more by gift aiding
your donation or weekly/monthly offering to the Church by filling in a gift aid form.  
This is available at request from the Parish Priest or by e-mail.

Thank you for all your help and support both of time and money.  
Without your generosity our Parish would not be able to care for people as it does.
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